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Auto Gate System

Control your gate from the comfort to protect of your home or factory. Technology has advanced to the stage whereby almost everything is automated and offers a sense of security, privacy, and convenience to install an auto gate system with us.

CCTV System

High Definition CCTVs that suit needs for every residential and others. We are the best in CCTV contractors with great focus on customer requirement. We have great plan, design and execution according to customer requirement and expectation.

Security Alarm System

Secure your home with our state of the art alarm systems all the time. We have been a wide range of our very own registered brand CCTV camera system. We provide the best Full HD security camera systems and offer the best security monitoring systems.

Door Access System

Control personnel flow and safety of your premises with our system. We have served a wide range of residence and industries. Substantial Cost Savings, Improved Productivity and Enhanced Security are the key benefits enjoyed by our customers all the time.

Tender & Project

We will assist your tender and project with our extensive experience. We help utilities and energy companies overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by providing independent consulting and engineering solutions to innovate and thrive.

Electrical Work & Services

To produce high quality of work and deliver projects ahead schedule. We have been providing a one stop solution for all our partners & clients need s from Electrical Wiring Installation Services, Air-Cond Installation, Telephone Point Wiring and many more.

Metal Work & Stainless Steel

Creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling process. We are specialized in serving various industries such as engineering, construction, interior design, HVAC companies in sheet metal laser cutting, bending, fabrication and others.

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